MugglePay Affiliate Program is launched

MugglePay has completed the upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0, the product experience has improved and it supports more stable coins, such as cUSD, USDC, USDT-Algo.

Our next step is to move towards decentralization. We have provided DeFi solutions. And we share the revenue of MugglePay with wizards in the community NOW!

To get the reward, you need to register a MugglePay account. And create your referral link at



  • 注册完成的Shopify商店
  • MugglePay商家账户,点此注册


  1. 登录你的Shopify后台,复制你的店铺域名,例如你的域名为:,则填写ocean-lunettes。复制后页面不要关掉。
  2. 登录MugglePay账户,进入MugglePay Merchant Portal,在开发者中心- Shopify设置中复制域名,并点击“账号绑定”。

3. 回到Shopify后台,此时页面变为下图所示,点击“install“。

We are thrilled to announce that MugglePay checkout form is now available in Spanish. This will help merchants access the South American market and provide a more localized experience for paying users.

With the depreciation of FIAT, South America has gradually become one of the regions with the highest crypto holding rate, and the number of currency holders is almost equal to North America. Since the first edition of the Argentine peso was printed, the currency of 1,000 pesos has lost 85% of its original denomination. Since the first edition was put into circulation in December 2017, by May 2020…

On September 10, Singapore time, cUSD was added to MugglePay’s payment options. Users can use cUSD to shop at merchants’ stores.

What is cUSD?

Recently, MugglePay wins hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding from the Celo Foundation. Muggle will enable Asian merchants to accept Celo and cUSD, thereby making cross-border payments in Asia lower-cost and settle instantly. There are now more than 3,200 merchants on the MugglePay platform and plans to reach 6,000 by the end of this year.

Celo is an open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone and its mission is to build a financial system that creates conditions for prosperity for all. Unlike Libra’s private blockchain solution, Celo alliance is open and decentralized.

近日,麻瓜支付(MugglePay)获得了来自 Celo 基金会的数十万美金资助,将帮助亚洲商家接受来自 Celo 和 cUSD 的付款,从而使亚洲的跨境支付成本更低、结算更快。MugglePay 平台上现在已经有超过 3200 家商户,并计划在本年底达到 6000 家。

Celo 是对标 Libra 的稳定币协议,使命是建立一个为所有人创造繁荣条件的金融体系。与 Libra 的联盟链解决方案不同的是,Celo 的繁荣联盟是开放并且去中心化的。而 Celo 基金会的目的是通过研究、教育和推广在全球范围内支持繁荣、金融包容和环境健康。

As Asia’s leading cryptocurrency payment service provider, MugglePay enables merchants to accept crypto by providing peer-to-peer payment solutions, reduce the cost of cross-border payments, and expand their business globally.

In order to eliminate price fluctuations and facilitate merchants to exchange local currencies in the country where they are located, MugglePay is unified for merchants to settle USDT.

Many merchants say they hope that funds withdrawal and settlement can be carried out through a lower cost and faster confirmation blockchain network. Among the three networks issued by Tether, the network with the highest TPS is the TRON network, namely TRC20-USDT.


MugglePay’s payment gateway has been seamlessly integrated with OKEx. Now users can pay to your store through an OKEx account and enjoy a discount. MugglePay will process the funds to your account instantly without any transaction fees.

Users paying with OKEx is as easy as using a credit card and more secure because there is no need to enter the security code into the website.

  1. Check out with MugglePay in the shop:

Celo Camp’s two finalists, MugglePay and d-event join forces for even more mass adoption

As two of the seven finalists at Celo Camp, MugglePay and d-event decided to share their vision and empower blockchain adoption in their respective country. Both companies will share information while striving to adopt synergies for the development of their respective platforms in the partner’s country of origin. In a way, this is a kind of market opportunity for both partners.

Through this cooperation, MugglePay and d-event will achieve two major goals:

the first one concerns the promotion of both parties and leading Blockchain mass adoption. The second is to explore possible combinations between the two platforms in order to…

作者:PARSIQ team


2020 年 7 月,亚洲领先的C2B支付服务商麻瓜支付与欧洲知名链上监控技术服务商 PARSIQ 达成深度合作关系。两家公司将分享有可行性的见解和发现,我们将专注于在两个平台之间构建协作系,以帮助中小企业利用区块链技术更好的发展自身业务。双方将共同促进去中心化生态合作与融合,在包括去中心化支付、数据安全与监控、基础技术设施、前沿技术探索、区块链商业应用等场景和领域进行全面的多层次合作。


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